“Let food be thy medicine”

Using my passion for food, my knowledge of nutrition and my own journey to health, I hope to help other people understand that there is another answer to their health or weight problems and that the answer is rarely in the form of the latest fad diet or a prescription pill. I firmly believe that nutrition and lifestyle influence our health in ways beyond our comprehension. Our Western diet means we are deficient in a vast number of critically important nutrients. These nutrients are essential for the millions of chemical reactions and delicate pathways that occur in our bodies and therefore deficiency quickly leads to disruption and imbalance and consequently a whole host of symptoms. It is important to remember that these symptoms are a sign of the underlying problem rather than the problem itself and therefore treating the symptoms is never the answer. Nutrition and lifestyle should be the first and most important thing doctors consider and address but so often these crucial issues are overlooked with the conventional medical preference being to prescribe “a pill for every ill”.

Whilst I have enormous respect for medicine this blinkered approach to treatment, leads to a focus on treating symptoms with pills which do nothing to address the underlying cause. Symptoms are our bodies way of telling us something is wrong. A clear example of this is the prescription of the contraceptive pill for hormonal imbalance. If a young girl goes to her GP with painful or irregular periods, with PMS, hirsutism or acne, her GP will invariably prescribe the contraceptive pill (regardless of whether the girl even needs this for contraceptive purposes). All the above symptoms are the simple result of hormone imbalance and the pill does absolutely nothing to address this imbalance. In fact it merely masks the symptoms, effectively smashing your body’s warning system that something is not right. These symptoms will re-emerge once the girl stops taking the pill and possibly at a more problematic time of life such as when the girl is trying to conceive.

Too often and for too long, nutritional and lifestyle interventions have been considered “alternative” medicine to be tried when the drugs don’t work. However, surely drugs, with their vast lists of adverse and potentially severe side effects along with the toxic burden they place on our bodies, should be the “alternative”.


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