Breakfast like a Queen…

There is something wonderful about a breakfast – perhaps it is to do with the fact the whole day is stretching ahead of you (although that hopeful joyous feeling really only applies to weekend breakfasts)! In celebration of what a brilliant meal breakfast is I thought I would share my favourite breakfasts with you…


1) Coconut porridge

The absolute winter warmer – porridge is a wonderful way to stir in and sprinkle on a whole range of wonderful nutrient dense superfoods. I see it as a yummy base for more yumminess! My yummy base is organic oats and coconut milk. Oats are one of the things I choose to buy organic because a packet lasts a fairly long time so even if it is a pound more that is only a pound every couple of months. I add a teaspoon of maca powder for its hormone balancing benefits. I also stir in a teaspoon of coconut oil just before I serve it as this is a brilliant way to get a daily dose of this superfood. Then for the toppings…varying the toppings is a great way to vary your breakfast day to day and toppings are also an excellent way of packing even more of a goodness punch into breakfast. My favourite toppings are nuts and seeds because I love the texture combination. I used flaked toasted almonds, pecan nuts and sunflower seeds. Sometimes I add a squirt of honey (usually if it’s a miserable Monday!). Fresh berries when they are in season and cacao nibs also make a great topping. A sprinkling of cinnamon is lovely too and is a fantastic spice for blood sugar balancing.


2) Avocado on toast

My deep passionate love affair with avocado blazes on and if I can incorporate it into my breakfast it is always a happy start to the day. Avocado is wonderfully filling so makes a great breakfast to keep you going until lunch. It is also packed full of goodness so perfect for delivering a punch of nutrition to your body first thing in the day. It is the best fruit source for vitamin E and is fantastic for our heart health. I love it mashed on rye toast with a couple of roasted cherry tomatoes, lots of black pepper and a sprig of basil.


3) The fabulous-for-you full English

I love eggs. I love them poached, scrambled, boiled or fried. They also happen to be brilliant for us and a perfect punch of brilliant quality protein in the morning. Nothing quite screams the weekend like a brunch… I love cooking up a feast on a Sunday morning and my absolute favourite is scrambled egg with roasted tomatoes, mushrooms and avocado. If you are really going for it, try adding a couple of cinnamon dusted sweet potato wedges on the side. Another yummy tip is to stir some fresh pesto into the scrambled egg (pesto is also extremely easy to make if you have a blender and a good can be made without the parmesan if you are avoiding dairy).


4) Bircher museli

This is a brilliant alternative to porridge in the summer months and a perfect fibre packed breakfast. If you are rushed for time in the morning too or prefer to take your breakfast in to work it is best made the night before ready to be eaten the following day and can easily be transported in to work. The base for bircher museli is a handful of oats but then you can add all sorts and mix things up for variety. Starting with a handful or organic oats I like to grate an apple (keeping the skin on for its fibre and goodness). I then use almond or coconut milk to soak the oats and apple. It is also delicious to stir in a spoonful of coconut yoghurt to make it divinely creamy (and if you’re anything like me, I can’t get enough of coconut flavour) You can then chuck anything you fancy in, berries, nuts, seeds, cacoa nibs, honey… So simple, so full of flavour and so good for you!

Happy breakfasting!!


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