Getting delicious with Deliciously Ella



Today I met food blogger and nutrition enthusiast Ella Woodward of Deliciously Ella. Ella started her food blog as a way of healing her rare illness, Postural Tachycardia Syndrome, which left her bed-bound with stomach problems, heart issues, pain and relentless fatigue. Through eliminating gluten, dairy, sugar and meat Ella overcame her illness and now quite literally glows with good health! Ella is now turning her mind to helping others take control of their health and is blogging her inspiring recipes and running cookery classes and supper clubs.

I spent the morning with Ella blending berries with homemade oat milk, spiralizing courgettes, creating a divine avocado and rocket pesto, stuffing mushrooms and whipping up banana ice-cream with a creamy coconut and cacao sauce. I saw the most vibrant greens and purples that only nature can offer and enjoyed every last drop of the delicious goodness.

What I love about Ella’s cooking is that it is such a celebration of food and flavours. Healthy eating is not about deprivation and going without – in fact, it couldn’t be further from that. It is about appreciating the incredibly varied and delicious foods that nature has given us to both enjoy and heal us. Through changing our mindset we can adore food, adore snacking and adore our bodies all at the same time.

You can find Ella’s blog at




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