Immune to pregnancy…


I recently read about a new fertility treatment being pioneered in Britain which works on the premise that some failed pregnancies may result from an immune response mounted to destroy the embryo as if it was an invading pathogen. The treatment involves pumping women’s bodies with a mixture of egg yolk and soya oil (which has been likened to receiving an injection of mayonnaise!) which inhibits the mother’s Natural Killer cells effectively restraining the body’s immune response. Alongside flooding the bloodstream with fatty acids women are recommended to take steroids to further inhibit the immune response and also blood thinners to prevent clots which can impede embryo implantation.

The treatment is controversial given the current lack of clinically-controlled randomised studies proving its effect but high-profile fertility experts Zita West and Dr George Ndukwe are convinced by it and in the past two years have helped 50 women embrace motherhood using this treatment. However, alongside the treatment, Zita West recommends acupuncture, supplements and dietary and lifestyle changes and it is possible that it is these factors which are bringing about the successful pregnancy.

It is clearly a very interesting and exciting new area and more research is needed but even if it can help just a handful of women have a child then I would say it’s worth its weight in mayonnaise!


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