Is fat the new black?



Our body needs fat. Our brain is made of fat, our hormones are made of fat, nutrients are transported in fat…the list goes on and I could write a whole lengthy post about the importance of fat. But instead I just want to draw your attention to two examples of fat finally having its trumpet blown after too long being blamed for our health complaints.

I recently stumbled across an article on the London Foodie sisters “Hemsley + Hemsley”. Having read the press on them and devoured their recently published cook book I am hooked, inspired and shamefully horribly jealous of them all at the same time! These sisters have burst onto the foodie scene in an explosion of creamy buttery coconutty goodness! As well as focusing on “mindful eating” (which is all about remaining connected with what you are eating) the Hemsley + Hemsley sisters hope to raise awareness of the benefits of eating saturated fats and in particular champion coconut oil, nut butters and avocado. I have copied a link to their website below if you are interested in finding out more.

The second example I want to mention is the work of the leading neuroscientist Dr Perlmutter. I recently read his brilliant book “Grain Brain” which really throws the spotlight of the importance of dietary fat and also surprisingly cholesterol for our health and in particular brain health. Dr Perlmutter provides stunning evidence to support the idea that it is the rise of our high carbohydrate and low fat diets which has led to the explosion in Alzheimers, cognitive decline and a whole range of mental health problems including depression and ADHD. Dr Perlmutter also has fascinating things to say about gluten intolerance. I can not recommend this book enough – if you have any interest at all in avoiding cognitive decline then please read it! I have copied a link to his website below if you are interested in finding out more.


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